Favorite Stories

I’ve been privileged to work with some very talented reporters and producers over past few years. This is a sampling of some of my favorite stories.

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I believe a well-told story can have real impact, and occasionally even do a little good in the world. I’ve spent my career trying to make the stories I tell as memorable, touching, or infuriating as I can — with the hope they’ll stick. Phone 312.515.0104 Email Zach@ZachChristman.net

Pravin Varughese

Parvin Varughese

Pravin Varughese disappeared in February of 2014. His body was later found in the woods in Carbondale, Ill., where he attended college. The initial story: Pravin got lost in the woods after a party, and froze to death. But his family maintained that’s not what happened. I worked with NBC5 anchor Rob Stafford and investigative producer, Katy Smyser, as co-producer …

Jack Ruby

Jack Ruby "Thought He Was Going to Be a Hero," Niece Says

Jack Ruby “Thought He Was Going to Be a Hero,” Niece Says