Pravin Varughese

Parvin Varughese

Pravin Varughese disappeared in February of 2014. His body was later found in the woods in Carbondale, Ill., where he attended college. The initial story: Pravin got lost in the woods after a party, and froze to death. But his family maintained that’s not what happened. I worked with NBC5 anchor Rob Stafford and investigative producer, Katy Smyser, as co-producer and editor, as we looked into the mystery surrounding his death.

In June 2014, an independent autopsy reveals that Pravin was beaten before he died — something the original autopsy left out.

In August 2014, the family filed a lawsuit against the man who they say was involved in his death.

One year after Pravin’s death, his family returns to the site where he died. Questions persist about what happened that night in February 2014, when he disappeared into the woods and died.